Charis is GraceCHARIS is the Greek word for GRACE and it is defined as: The merciful love and grace by which God turns us to Christ, forgives us, keeps and strengthens us, and increases us in the blessings and inheritance of those who are in faith in Jesus Christ.

God’s Grace is what empowers us to live victorious lives as believers in Jesus. Here at Charis Church our desire is to learn how loved, valuable, powerful and free we truly are in Christ and to share this understanding with others. The gathering of believers is to be a way to encourage one another, to find out who we are as believers in Jesus, to find out how much we are loved, and to understand that we have access to all the resources of heaven. If we really knew how big we are on the inside – in our spirit man – we would live life a lot differently.

At Charis Church our goal is to help each other understand who we are in Jesus. We want to help each other see that Jesus has changed everything, and because we believe in Him, we are beautiful and powerful. If we understand how big we are on the inside it will effortlessly spill over to the outside. It really is amazing how it works – once we change the picture in our minds of who God is and what He has created us to be -our lives gradually begin to look more like that picture. We celebrate that it is all based on God’s amazing grace!