Pastor John

John & Leslie EssyPreaching the Gospel throughout the World.

I chose to accept Jesus Christ as Lord of my life in the fall of 1980. After a period of exercising independence from the Lord, I recognized the call of God on my life. Since 1993, with a passion and fervency, my family and I have pursued that call. The call of God has lead my wife Leslie and I into many different areas of Ministry. Nursing Home Ministry, Children’s Ministry, Prison Ministry and Homeless Mission Ministry are only a few of the areas in which God trained us to serve him. I am a graduate of Charis Bible College (formerly Colorado Bible College) in Colorado Springs, CO. I’ve traveled throughout the world preaching the Gospel; some of those countries include Russia, Mexico, Kazakhstan and Zambia.

I believe God has called me to to build a church that will be focused on charis. The message of grace mixed with faith is so powerful that I am expecting to see God move in our services in amazing ways. Charis is the Greek word for grace and it is defined as: the merciful love and grace by which God turns us to Christ, forgives us, keeps and strengthens us, and increases us in the blessings and inheritance of those who are in faith in Jesus Christ.